Spanish Army and Air Force to get 27 Airbus SIRTAP drone systems


As reported by The Defense Post echoing Infodefensa, the Spanish government has approved the purchase of 27 drones for an estimated 595 million euros ($656 million). The Spanish Army and the Spanish Air and Space Force will receive the Airbus SIRTAP systems, each of which reportedly consists of three aircraft, a ground control station, and data reception equipment. The purchase includes simulators and initial logistical support, Infodefensa revealed.

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The SIRTAP is expected to have an endurance of over 20 hours and a flight ceiling of 21,000 feet (6,400 meters). The multipurpose aircraft will be able to carry a payload of 150 kg (330 pounds). It will perform combat and non-combat missions, including convoy escort, area surveillance, force protection, signals, electronic, and communications intelligence  (Picture source: Airbus)

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