Military Equipment Russian-Ukrainian Conflict – Episode 6: Russian 2S7 2S7M 203mm self-propelled guns

In the ongoing examination of military equipment shaping the dynamics of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the sixth episode of Army Recognition’s series turns its focus to the formidable Russian artillery systems, the 2S7 Pion and its upgraded variant, the 2S7M Malka. These self-propelled guns represent some of the most powerful conventional artillery pieces currently in service, capable of delivering devastating firepower over long distances. Designed during the Cold War era, their primary role is to engage in high-value targets such as fortified positions, command centers, and area targets with exceptional precision and destructive capability. Read News Russia – Ukraine War at this link …

The Russian 2S7 Pion is considered as the most powerful artillery system in te world. (Picture source TASS)

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