Breaking News: Ukraine Confirms Use of North Korean Missiles by Russia in Recent Strikes

According to images released by the International Press Agency Reuters on January 6, 2023, it has been confirmed that Russia used North Korean-made ballistic missiles in a strike on the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on January 2, 2023. These pictures, featured in a Reuters article, show clear markings in North Korean characters on the missile debris. Notably, the design of the rear of the missile debris bears a striking resemblance to the North Korean-made KN-23 ballistic missile. Read full Defense News at this link …

Left: Additional images have been released following John Kirby’s press conference, showing missile debris found in Ukraine and comparing it to the North Korean KN-23 missile. On January 4, 2023, the United States disclosed a photo showing the use of North Korean missiles by Russia against Ukraine. (Image source: U.S. Government video footage)

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